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Life Recovery
The River

This group is open to new members.

What is Life Recovery?

Life Recovery at The River is a place where you can take shelter from the things in life - the adversities, the challenges, that might represent your personal storm. Recovery is defined as “a return to a normal state of health, mind, or strength.” Our goal is to help those dealing with adversity to return to a normal state of life through our Lord Jesus Christ, and ultimately live an Abundant Life.


Who is it for?

This is a group for men and women suffering from addiction, anxiety, stress, codependency, anger, abuse, relationship issues or any other personal challenge, this group is here to help you overcome the grip the Enemy has on you and to grow into the image of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, which will bring you peace. No matter what storm has been brewing in your life, you can seek a return to normal here in Life Recovery.


Wednesday Evenings

7-8:30 PM


Currently In Person @ our Dents Run Campus and also Online via Zoom


Send an email to the contact person for the group.