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2 Weeks of Prayer & Fasting

At The River Church, we know from personal and corporate experience that Prayer & Fasting change things. And when the two are combined, it is a powerful weapon against our soul's enemy.  

We are embarking on a two-week fasting initiative, and it's going to be another season filled with struggle, tension, obstacles -- sounds fun, right? It will also bring with it blessing, favor, transformation, and a deeper walk with our Creator and Savior, Jesus Christ!

In addition to the time of fasting, we will be involved in a prayer drive on the two Wednesdays leading up to Easter. Those that would like to participate will be asked to spend time on each of the two Wednesdays driving throughout our community praying over our city and the great citizens. Prayer points will be posted on our FB page. 



For this initiative, we will continue to maintain our midweek prayer on Wednesday at the church for anyone that doesn't want to do prayer driving. We also ask that each of our members commit to spending 20 minutes each day in prayer and devotion with Jesus. That may be a combo of 10 minutes of prayer, 10 minutes of Bible reading. Some days you may go well beyond that. Some days may be a struggle to get 10 minutes. It really isn't about the amount; it's about the effort. But we are giving a timeframe, ao at least there's a goal. 

If you put forth the effort, God will walk with you on this journey, and if you allow your heart to be open, He will fill it to overflowing with great and wonderful blessings. 



Christian fasting should be a regular part of the Christian life, and although it isn’t commanded by Scripture, Jesus clearly expects His followers to fast regularly. When Jesus taught on fasting in His Sermon on the Mount In Matthew 6:16, He didn’t say “if” you fast, but “when” you fast. And in Matthew 9:15, He doesn’t say His followers “might” fast; but “they will.” It’s something that He expects of us if we are in relation with Him and expect to go deeper in our intimacy with Him.

As a part of our initiative, we also include fasting from other things, besides food, which takes our time away from moments with Jesus. This includes media (Instagram, Facebook, Netflix, etc.). It could also include other activities that are not inherently negative but distract from your relationship with the Almighty. 

Click the following link for a more detailed plan.