Easter is the day we celebrate the glorious resurrection of Jesus Christ after He gave himself entirely as a sacrifice for the sin of all humanity. As His creation, we are blessed to be made in His image, but through the sin of Adam & Eve, the perfect relationship with Christ is fractured. We need a Savior, and we receive a Savior who, through the Cross of Calvary, purchased our redemption. God's GRACE is sufficient, no matter who you are and we want you to experience it this Easter! 



It's not only about the eggs and the hunt for them. It's about the adventure that is focal to our Children's Ministry. And Easter is a fabulous day filled with excitement, energy, music and fun. Make sure you bring your children to experience Easter @ The River. They will have a blast following our church service as they hunt for eggs filled with prizes of all kinds. The Children's service gets underway at 10am.


We have a dynamic praise & worship team that is devoted to lifting up Jesus. In doing so they help create an atmosphere where faith rises and lives are transformed through the power of the Holy Spirit. The sermon for today will be about Grace and the plan that Jesus has for you to spend eternity with Him.  If you would like a change in your life, make sure you are with us on Easter Sunday @ 11am.