Your story sometimes has problems. Jesus is the solution. 

Life sometimes throws us curveballs that we just can't hit. Storms rise on the landscape and we don't have the capacity to withstand them. That's ok, we weren't made to do life on our own. We need help and we are here to provide help. Sometimes it's as simple as needing prayer. Sometimes it's deeper than that. We may not have the capacity to help with everything, but we can direct you to those that can help where we cannot.



Please click on the link below and you will be directed to a form where you can request prayer that will           be sent directly to our prayer team which will           begin praying immediately. 

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Addiction Recovery

There are times in life where we have made decisions that we wish we hadn't. And sometimes those decisions lead to addicitons that we just can't break from on our own. We have a wonderful Life Recovery team that want to help you take steps into the life that Jesus came to earth to provide for you.

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